When your prospects, clients and associates “Google” your name, what does the search engine say about you?  Instead of a list of randomly collected results, would you like Google to present a well written, free ad describing all the reasons to work with you and your firm?  If so, read on…

In a very short period of time, Google has created an industry and established itself as the top-of-mind authority in internet search.  As a true “category killer” their numbers are absolutely amazing, ending 2008 with a market share of almost 64%, up from 58% just 12 months earlier. Of the almost 140 billion U.S. searches performed in 2008, 85 billion of them were done with Google. Perhaps equally impressive is that nearly 90% of all new search volume was also captured by Google.

With such influence, any new Google products have the potential to dramatically affect the market and should be seriously evaluated as part of a comprehensive internet marketing strategy. One such product is Google’s newest service called Google Profiles.

About Google Profiles

A Google profile is really just a small website about you. See an example of one by visiting my Google Profile.

Such profiles allow you to better control how you appear on Google and provide a bit more of your qualifications. With a Google profile, you can easily share your web content all in one central location. You can include, for example, links to your blog, online photos, and other profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. You have control over what others see and your profile won’t display any private information unless you’ve explicitly allowed it to do so.

If you’ve been writing reviews on Google Maps, creating articles on Google Knol, sharing Google Reader items, or adding books to your Google Book Search library, you may already have a profile. See and customize your profile.

With internet search reaching all new highs in popularity, it’s time you use this incredible tool to build your brand and control what’s being said on-line about you.  Create you own Google Profile today!

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