Seminar marketing is an incredibly effective tool that should be used by every marketing professional.  Here are the key advantages of using seminars:

Cost-effective approach that returns many times the investment
Non-intrusive method of marketing
Extremely time efficient
Captivates the audience for a longer period of time than a typical sales call
Reaches a large numbers of people in a very short time period
Allows you to see many more clients than a face-to-face meeting
Brands you as an expert, where your concepts are instantly more acceptable
Gathers an audience of prospects you probably cannot otherwise reach
Effective technique for covering a large geographic area
Creates a memorable experience that will be on the prospect’s mind for some time
Creates the framework clients will use to analyze the market and competition
Allows you to work with prospects who are truly interested, wanting your input
Differentiates yourself from the competition
Establishes relationships
Markets to clients on their terms at their choosing