Seminar marketing should be approached as a three-step process, understanding that each element must accomplish its objective to maximum results.  A breakdown in any one of these steps will negatively affect those remaining and may seriously compromise the results of your seminar. Many don’t understand this concept and try to accomplish too much, too soon.  Prospects react negatively to this approach and it can decimate the results of your seminar.

Each of the three steps listed has a specific function, which is to achieve its objective and move your prospects to the next step. We have also provided benchmarks that can be used to evaluate your own performance for each of the stages. This approach allows you to focus on the specific parts of your seminar marketing that may need to be improved and judge the effectiveness of any changes you make to your program over time.

The Invitation:  Excite and Invite

The purpose of the invitation is to excite and invite.  It is not an autobiography, nor a name recognition builder.  It is a tool to entice prospective clients to attend your meeting – not next year, but next month!  Stand out, differentiate yourself and give the prospect a reason to attend by hitting their “hot buttons.” Your response rate will vary over time, but on average you should achieve a minimum response rate of 1%. 

The Seminar:  an Appointment Setting Opportunity

The seminar provides an opportunity for you to establish a relationship with your attendees.  They are attending to “kick the tires” on you, deciding if they can like and trust you.  The seminar setting lowers the prospect’s defensive barriers and allows you to communicate your solutions directly to them.  While relationship building is key, the goal of the seminar is to get appointments.  If you can’t get an appointment today, what will change tomorrow?  Your attendance rate should be over 90% of the people that RSVP and you should set appointments with a minimum of 50% of the buying units at your event.

The Appointment:  Time to Get Paid

The appointment step is critical as it provides an opportunity to close clients and ring up real commissions. This is where you get paid! Your appointment attendance rate should be above 85% of those who book appointments with you. You should close 90% of the clients who attend.

This three step approach to seminar marketing works and has built an incredible amount of wealth for our clients.  The goals associated with each step are realistic and should be used as the minimum benchmarks for your success.  Our clients meet and exceed all of these numbers on a regular basis. If you are not reaching these levels of success, you need to change your approach or refine your skills until you do.