Financial Seminar Locations

The three most important factors for holding a successful financial seminar are location, location, and location.  While that may seem repetitive, it carries the message of just how important your venue is and how this choice can affect your results. 

Your location is your magnet and truly one of the most critical factors for your event.  While we have found that the best location for a financial seminar is a well-known, medium priced restaurant, many of our clients choose to hold their events at other locations.  Here are a list of locations we have found that statistically produce poor results.   

The Worst 10 Seminar Locations:

     1. The Elks Club, VFW or other lodges

     2. Recreation or conference centers

     3. Golf country clubs

     4. Restaurants that serve ethnic foods (except Italian) or with odd names (anything medieval)

     5. College campuses

     6. Churches

     7. Bars

     8. Hotels

     9. Libraries

And the WORST location to hold a seminar:

     10.  Your office