Our clients have found this form to be an effective tool for evaluating seminar locations.

Location Checklist:  _________________________________________________________________________________________ (location)
Inspection completed on _________________ at _____________   am  /  pm
____  ____ Was the location easy to find?
____  ____ Was it near any major crossroads?  ___________________________________________________
____  ____ Does the curb-side image give an a good first impression?
____  ____ Will the parking be a problem?
____  ____ Will a person with physical challenges find this location difficult?
____  ____ Are the lobby area and other areas clean and neatly organized?
____  ____ Were you greeted as you walked in?
____  ____ Is the interior lighting sufficient?
____  ____ Are the personnel courteous and helpful?
____  ____ How is the temperature of the restaurant?
____  ____ Are their sufficient electrical outlets available for your equipment?
____  ____ Are the chairs and table comfortable?
____  ____ How will the room layout?
____  ____ What shape will you place the tables into? ____________________________________
____  ____ Is the meeting room soundproofed or sufficiently quiet?
____  ____ What type of menu is available for your seminar?
____  ____ Are salads, bread, beverage and dessert included?
____  ____ What is the cost of food, drink, tax and tip?  Get detailed estimate.
____  ____ Can they provide a sample meal representative of what they’ll use for the seminar?

General Impressions and Notes: